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Like its namesake, Treveni Transport Corporation Movers is best characterized as the strong steady type. Modest - but not to a fault - and incredibly capable. Strong and steady: it's as much a personal philosophy as it is a business model, and it has worked for Treveni for many years.The unfettered market caused great turmoil among many Canadian fleets, but Duncan viewed deregulation as an exceptional opportunity for growth.

Ajmer Singh Khandelwal founder of Treveni Transport Corporation Movers, looks back fondly on his commitment to the transportation industry. "Trucking isn't an easy business but it's a wonderful way to make a living. It gets in your blood," he says. "Trucking is both a labour-intensive and capital-intensive business - a real business where we do real things. If I wasn't doing this, I wouldn't know what I would do instead. Treveni made a major strategic move into the general freight business by purchasing Treveni Transport, the largest hauler of paper for newsprint. . During the same period Treveni linked a deal with many co. into transporting merchandise from their catalogue orders. By the time shut down their catalogue operations Treveni had become an expert in this area and took up the gauntlet when Sears came calling.

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